Monthly Stated Meeting and Open Installation Ceremony – December 12th

*** IMPORTANT – December’s dinner and meeting will be held at the Jersey Shore Lodge due to the continued work on the heating system in the Lock Haven Lodge. 

On December 12th we will be performing an Open Installation of newly elected officers for the new year. The public is invited to attend and witness the ceremonial transfer of duties from one officer to another. This will occur at the very beginning of our regularly stated meeting at 7:30pm, and then the public will be dismissed while we attend to the rest of the meeting.

Prior to the meeting, we will have a holiday dinner at 6:15pm, catered by Dutch Haven Restaurant, in order to celebrate both the Christmas holiday and the election of new officers. Dinner will cost $18 per person, and those who make a reservation will be accountable for the cost of their meal – even if they end up not attending.

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