How to Join

How Does Someone Become a Freemason?

To be considered for membership in any Masonic Lodge in the state of Pennsylvania, you must complete a petition process. Part of that process includes these qualifications:

You must be Male, at least 18 years of age, who believes in the existence of a Supreme Being, who is of good moral character, motivated to join for reasons unrelated to personal gain or profit, prompted by a favorable opinion of Freemasonry, desirous of earning knowledge, and willing to conform to the ancient usages and customs of the fraternity.

If you fit those qualifications, and are interested in petitioning for membership, download and carefully read this Petition for Membership. If you have questions, please contact the Worshipful Master to help guide you in this journey.

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Are you currently a member of another lodge and looking to transfer membership or become a plural member? Please download the Membership Petition for Transfer, Transfer and Advancement, Plural or Rejoin.