Our Lodge Officers are here to help further the brotherhood through instruction, guidance, and the constant preservation of our Masonic history.

2022 Officers Include:

Jeff KochJeffrey A. Koch, Worshipful Master

Lester G. Confer, Senior Warden

Gregory E Carpenter, Junior Warden & Almoner

Raymond A. Andrews, Past Master 2009 & 2012, Treasurer

Joseph L. Kreitz, Secretary

Brent May, Past Master 2016, Assistant Secretary

Michael Frantz, Chaplain

Kyle Kocher, Senior Deacon

Andrew Phoenix, Junior Deacon

Curtis A. Confer, Senior Master of Ceremonies

Thomas Barnhart, Junior Master of Ceremonies

Jack Thorpe, Pursuivant

Gary D. Cox, Tyler

2018 officers

Some of our distinguished members in attendance at the January 2018 dinner

(Pictured left to right)

Lee Locke, Assistant Secretary 2018; H. Alex Simcox, Past Master 2017, Junior Warden 2018; Brent D. May, Past Master 2015 & 2016; Joseph L. Kreitz, Senior Warden 2018; Michael T. Brown, Past Master 2018 & 2019; Malcolm (Mac) P. Myers, Jr., Past Master 2014, Treasurer 2018; James L. Moore, Past Master 1983, Dustin Chaffin, Pursuivant; David E. Kohen II, Past Master 1995; Jack D. Thorpe, Junior Deacon;  Brother David Kohen III; and Thomas Barnhart, Junior Master of Ceremonies.

Past Masters Wall

Our past masters have the distinct honor of having served the LaFayette Lodge as Worshipful Master for a term of one year, supervising all members of the lodge and coordinating all activities within that year.

2020 & 2021

Mac Myers

Malcolm P. Myers, Jr.

2018 & 2019

Michael Brown

Michael T. Brown


H. Alexander Simcox

2015 & 2016

Dr. Brent D. May


Mac Myers

Malcolm P. Myers, Jr.


Scott Bartholomew

Scott E. Bartholomew

LaFayette Lodge #199 Living Past Masters

1966 Mikel M. Sheasley

1969 Jackie E. Rishel

1976 Richard M. Barner


Jim Moore

James L. Moore

1985 David N. Miller

1991 George A. Gedon

1994 David E. Kohen, Sr.


Dave Kohen II

David E. Kohen II


Richard Powers

Richard L. Powers II

1997 William T. Kessinger

1999 Lance D. Budinger

2000 Ronald H. Cryder

2001 John E. Ziegler

2003 Michael A. Slack

2004 Robin R.L. Stedman


Louis Slack

Louis S. Slack

2006 Raymond A. Andrews

2007 Michael A. Slack

2008 Scott E. Bixel

2009 Raymond A. Andrews

2010 Jeffrey C. Johnson

2011 Chad F. Savrock

2012 Raymond A. Andrews

2013 Scott E. Bartholomew

2014 Malcolm P. Myers,  Jr.

2015 Brent D. May

2016 Brent D. May

2017 H. Alexander Simcox

2018 Michael T. Brown

2019 Michael T. Brown

2020 Malcolm P. Myers,  Jr.

2021 Malcolm P. Myers,  Jr.

Past Masters 2018

A special ceremony was held to honor the service of seven Past Masters in attendance at our Regularly Stated Meeting on 10/11/2018. Those Past Masters present were:

(L to R) H. Alexander Simcox, Brent D. May, Scott Bartholomew, Louis S. Slack, Dave Kohen II, James L. Moore, and Richard Powers.