LaFayette Lodge #199 was constituted in Jersey Shore, PA on March 1st, 1827.  It’s warrant was vacated on February 6th, 1837 due to no reports or lodge communications.

Lock Haven Lodge exterior

Lodge #199 was then re-opened in Lock Haven on November 20th, 1845, with it’s first stated meeting being held a week later on November 26th, 1845. Meetings were held in the Clinton County Courthouse on the corner of East Church and Henderson Streets.

Later, a Masonic Temple was constructed on Water Street, hosting it’s first meeting on April 21st, 1864. The lodge remained in this location for 60 years until moving to the current location on the corner of Main and Grove Streets.

The cornerstone for the lodge building was laid on September 6th, 1923, and construction of the building was complete one year later in September of 1924. The first stated meeting in the new temple was held on September 11th, 1924, and has been held there ever since.

A generous donation allowed for the cleaning and restoration of the building’s facade in 2016.

Who Was General LaFayette?

General LaFayette

The Marquis de Lafayette fought alongside the American Continental Army during the Revolutionary War.

Inspired by stories of the colonists’ struggles against British oppression, Lafayette sailed to the newly declared United States in 1777 to join the uprising. He was initially rebuffed by colonial leaders, but he impressed them with his passion and willingness to serve for free, and was named a major-general in the Continental Army.

His first major combat duty came during the September 1777 Battle of Brandywine, when he was shot in the leg while helping to organize a retreat. General George Washington requested doctors to take special care of Lafayette, igniting a strong bond between the two that lasted until Washington’s death.