Monthly Stated Meeting – June 14th

Masonic G pin on book

We will be holding our regularly stated meeting on Thursday, June 14th, but before the meeting we will celebrate the start of summer with a meal of hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, baked mac & cheese, and an ice cream bar with toppings at 6:15 pm. Dinner is only $10 per person, so please bring a friend to enjoy a meal and fellowship. Please RSVP to Michael Brown WM by Monday, June 11th so that we have enough food.

After dinner, our stated meeting will begin at 7:30pm and we will be joined by Walter Sinatra PM as he gives a presentation about the Masonic Blood and Organ Donor Program. We will then call off from labor for a short MTA meeting to discuss the possible sale of a small amount of dishware from the 3rd floor.

When we return to labor, we will be conferring a Master Masons degree on a candidate. Please plan on attending and participating as our brother continues his journey.

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