COVID-19 Update May 1

We have received updated protocols from the Grand Lodge of PA:

Dear Brethren:

Due to all of the uncertainties surrounding this health crisis, the Grand Lodge will be extending the suspension of all Masonic activities until July 1, 2020 at the very earliest. We will continue to monitor the ever-changing situation and make a determination around June 1st as to whether we will be able to safely resume some activity sometime mid-summer.

I understand that while our lodges are dark, many fellowship, fundraising and community events are often held during the summer months. Please realize that these decisions have not been easy to make, but our concern is first and foremost for you, our members of this great fraternity.

Please continue to reach out to your brethren and offer assistance and support. Reassure them that we are all in this together, that their health and welfare are paramount and that we will be back in lodge enjoying the fraternal bonds that we all so love real soon!

Please stay safe and stay well!

Sincerely and Fraternally,

Thomas Gamon, IV

R.W. Grand Master

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